Our Mission

I’m sure you’ve already heard someone, somewhere say something along the lines of “You know wearing tight underwear is bad for your balls, right?!”. Well, this is more than just an old wife’s tale, there have been multiple studies conducted on the topic, and the results are always the same: Men who wear tight boxer briefs have lower sperm counts, and lower levels of sex hormone production, when compared to men who wear loose-fitting boxers! 

This is a serious issue, one study [1] found that boxer-wearers had upwards of 25% higher sperm concentrations compared to their boxer-brief-wearing counterparts! The other effects that were evident in the study were higher levels of both FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and GnRH (gonadotrophin) in men who favored tighter underwear. The male body produces higher FSH levels when there is insufficient testosterone being produced naturally, whereas low FSH levels can be found in males producing healthy testosterone levels, and even men on TRT treatment! GnRH, on the other hand, is produced in higher levels to help compensate for a low level of sex hormone production in men and can be seen in high production immediately following a mild testicular injury.

Another study [2] found that “an elevated scrotal temperature [(just 2-3C higher than usual)] is associated with testicular atrophy”, which describes testicles that are lower in both size and fertility compared to a healthy set of balls. The same study noted that “about one-third of infertile men have been described as having measurable scrotal hyperthermia”, which is an increase in temperature of the scrotal area. Wearing tighter, less-breathable underwear is one of the main causes of having a higher testicular temperature and is becoming a big problem.

Yet another study [3] from the mid-90s even studied the effects of gradually increasing scrotal temperature to see if it could be a valid contraceptive! Guess what the result was… “a daily mild increase in testicular temperature could be a potential contraceptive method for men”. WTF?! The study looked at 6 men in relationships who were having regular unprotected sex while experiencing a mild increase in testicular temperature, and over 117 “cycles”, there were 0 pregnancies. O! The conclusion from the study was that the testicular temperature increase method was equivalent to a contraceptive with “95% confidence”. That’s not far off from how effective condoms are at stopping babies, and most men have no idea they’re even experiencing this, until it’s too late…

Essentially, wearing tighter underwear shows signs in the male body of an imbalanced production of testosterone, sex hormones, AND sperm count. On top of this, higher testicular temperatures are a leading cause of male infertility and testicular atrophy, so much so that it was considered a successful and potential method of male contraception at one point. That’s scary, considering how many men choose boxer briefs as their preferred underwear nowadays! 

So, why does no one wear boxers instead of boxer briefs? The answer is pretty simple: They SUCK! Loose fitting boxers are stiff, boxy, itchy, and uncomfortable. Sure, no one can deny the wonderful feeling of having your balls hang free, but as soon as they’re sticking to your leg, brushing up against coarse cotton underwear, and falling out the bottom, the fun quickly fades. Boxer briefs are just comfier, but at what cost? 

This is why we created Hang Loose. Our mission is to re-imagine the boxer brief with a singular goal in mind: Let the testes breathe! Our unique and innovative design allows for more space and breathability surrounding the testicular area, encouraging your balls to regulate their own temperature as they were designed to do. In the process, the aforementioned studies suggest that your body will be nurtured to produce healthier levels of testosterone, FSH, GnRH and other sex-hormones essential for fertility, hormonal balance, and testicular health. The completely redesigned crotch is coupled with the tried-and-true design and materials of modern-day boxer briefs, allowing for the same tight fit, soft fabric, snug feeling and overall comfort that modern men have come to love and expect from their underwear.

Live in comfort, save your testes, and, as always, Hang Loose. 🤙